Cristina de Guzman Strong, PhD

Assistant Professor of Dermatology

Dr. de Guzman Strong is an assistant professor in the Division of Dermatology located in the Department of Internal Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine.  As a core member of the Center for the Study of Itch, she is also a member of the Center for Pharmacogenomics.  Dr. de Guzman Strong received her Ph.D. at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and further pursued her post-doctoral training under Dr. Julie Segre at the National Human Genome Research Institute.  She has an established track record applying genomics approaches towards understanding skin barrier formation. Cristina is currently investigating the epigenetic and transcriptional regulation of the Epidermal Differentiation Complex (EDC), a required chromosomal locus for barrier formation, in development and disease.  Additionally, she is one of the four prestigious Faculty Diversity Scholars at WUSM.  Her interest in itch is a natural extension of her expertise in the genomics of skin barrier function and atopic dermatitis.