The Itch Clinic

Dr. Brian Kim is a board-certified dermatologist with both a scientific and clinical expertise in chronic itch. The Itch Clinic at the Center for Advanced Medicine started in August 2014 and is a dedicated specialty clinic for the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with chronic itch. Although we welcome all patients with chronic itch (greater than 6 weeks duration), we are currently focusing on the management of patients with chronic itch associated with atopic dermatitis or eczema, idiopathic itch (itch of unknown cause) which presents in the absence of other known medical conditions and hereditary itch that runs in families.

Translational research

The Center for the Study of Itch & Sensory Disorders (CSISD) at Washington University School of Medicine is comprised of a critical mass of leading scientists in itch biology. These studies have identified novel pathways that regulate itch and have great promise for the development of new treatments for chronic itch. As a patient in The Itch Clinic, you will have many opportunities to be directly engaged in such research activities that will ultimately aid in the development of new treatments for chronic itch.

Clinical trials

The Itch Clinic is currently involved in a number of clinical trials for atopic dermatitis and is actively pursuing clinical trials for other chronic itch disorders. As a patient of the Itch Clinic, you will also have opportunities to participate in translational and clinical studies to help uncover new targets for future treatment in chronic itch. This is a dynamic and rapidly evolving component of the Itch Clinic. 

Making an appointment in The Itch Clinic

We request that all patients who intend to be seen in The Itch Clinic send their medical records to us prior to their visit. This will allow for us to optimally manage chronic itch in our patients.

Please contact Nancy Bodet to make an appointment today.

Nancy Bodet, RN
Phone: 314-273-1376
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