The mission of The CSISD Mouse Behavior Core is to assist interested investigators at WashU as well as interested parties from other Universities and industry to examine the effects of drugs, compounds, molecular, genetic, surgical and chemical ablation on itch and pain behavior in mice using a state-of-art behavioral testing. The core provides fee-based services, including consultation for experimental design and execution, animal handling, behavioral testing, data collection and analysis and interpretation of the results.

Director: Dr. Xianyu Liu


The core is equipped to conduct a battery of itch and pain tests.  The core consists of four well-insulated testing rooms and one surgery room. Services include consultation for experimental design, animal handling, behavioral testing, data management, and statistical analysis. Behavioral testing and related services are conducted by core personnel and are available to all Washington University investigators on a fee-for-services basis.

The Behavioral Core offers tests which are organized into three functional domains:

  • Itch behavior
  • Pain behavior
  • Sensori-motor behavior

The core also provides expert training and consultation for students, postdoctoral fellows and staff scientists.  Behavioral testing equipment is operated only by core personnel


  • Consultation for experimental design and execution
  • Behavioral testing: acute and chronic itch and pain tests
  • Animal handling: intrathecal, intradermal, systemic and subcutaneous injections
  • Data management
  • Statistical analysis
  • Behavioral test modification and development

Pricing & contact information

The core does not charge per diem rates for animal housing and care, which will be billed separately. Please contact the core director for discussing about the project and additional pricing information:

Dr. Xianyu Liu email: liuxianyu@wustl.edu